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Regarding Superhero Courage/Fear Training skills workshop:


'You created a safe space for people to openly share their fears, learn tactics to help us overcome them, and learn from one another. You were a very authentic facilitator who was able to connect with all of us on a personal level. Thank you for developing this workshop. It was great!' 

-Carrie Fletcher, CAMH Vice President of People & Experiences, Human Resources



Unleash the Super Hero Within’ is an engaging and entertaining workshop jammed full of inspiration and positive strategies for youth of all ages! If you’re looking to provide your students with tools for mental health, compassion, self-esteem, and kindness, this workshop is for you!


Michael Eisen, Founder of Youth Wellness Network




‘Unleash the SuperHero Within’ inspires you to be the best that you can be! This fun and relevant workshop is filled with truthful reminders and inspiration. I highly recommend it! Fun and heartfelt!


Hillary Faye, Yoga Teacher & Spiritual Guide




A well researched, inspiring workshop for any age. It is easy to see Kevin’s passion for this subject matter. Kevin brings warmth, humour and joy to his presentation.


Tina P - Educator




Adult Participants


Kevin has a confidence and a passion for superheroes and a compassion for all who step in to his class. He’s motivated to make you feel better about yourself and more mindful about those around you, and it shows.


Terry Gammon - Logistics



As a personal trainer, it is very important to embody and unleash the inner super hero! Your workshop helped to highlight some heroic characteristics I was always performing and gave opportunity for some new ones I will start to include in my daily life, both at home and at work. You’re awesome and courageous.



Kericia Gowrie - Personal Trainer



I had a great learning experience at Kevin’s ‘Unleash the Super-Hero Within’ seminar. Kevin’s passion as well as his genuine care for others makes his seminars a worthy go for anybody and I would highly recommend him.


Mike Prudente - Personal Trainer






    Grade 12 - Modern Day Heroes workshop collaboration 




'Kevin has put together an inspiring workshop on ‘Unleashing the Super-Hero Within’. It is an empowering experience designed to instill self-esteem and worth into young people and call forth their gifts of leadership to make this world a better place. Kevin has cleverly entwined super-hero images and clips with stories of present day heroes such as Malala Yousafzai and Craig and Marc Kielburger'.


Kathy M, director of Scarboro Missions Retreat Centre, a youth facilitator for over 30 years.



'It was an engaging experience that incorporated the creative use of media. In combination with personal narrative the students were left with ample material to both challenge and reflect upon'. 

Mike Finan - Chaplain Paul Dwyer high school


Paul Dwyer Grade 12 Student feedback


Q: Do you feel like this day will affect you in any way going forward? If so, how?




'I'll have more faith in myself and think I don't need another person to make a difference. I can do it myself.'


'I feel like I have to power to make a difference!'


'I think it will affect me as I try to figure out who and what I wanted to be and do in the future'.


'It will teach me I can be like batman without wearing a cape!'


'Yes I feel like that I can change the world'


'This presentation did affect me and made me want to be a better person, have a positive outlook, and do everything and anything I can to make a difference'


'Yes, it showed me that you may not always know that what you do helps other people and that just because you don't think your a hero doesn't mean you aren't one'


'Inspiring to act like a hero in our daily lives, and do something good with the powers we are given'


'Yes, I want to be more optimistic and this presentation reminded me that I should stay positive'




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