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Workshop Facilitator



Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Superheroes have been a transformational influence for Kevin through inspiring him to be more compassionate, humble, resilient, courageous, kind, dependable, honourable, focused, and confident so that he can be like his favourite heroes. His goal is to share tools from mindfulness, positive psychology and emotional intelligence that have helped him further cultivate those characteristics within himself. His goal is to help turn that superhero inspiration into a movement for positive personal and social change through the utilization of evidence informed practices that help cultivate these heroic characteristics, while also creating space for participants to explore ways in which characters from pop culture might help .  The content of the workshops has helped him in overcoming and coping with challenges in his own life, including struggles with depression, anxiety, and PTSD.


Through 'Unleash the Superhero Within', Kevin aims to inspire others to connect with the part of themselves that pushes them to overcome their challenges, while attaining greater levels of health, happiness, connection and fulfillment.

Kevin is a graduate from the Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion post graduate program at Centennial College and has an Honours BA in Kinesiology and Health Science from York University. 

He is a wellness specialist who has worked for CAMH, developing and facilitating wellness programming for staff including superhero and gratitude workshops.  He is also a partner member with Wellness Works Canada, committed to improving health, happiness and productivity of the Canadian population through evidence based practice. 

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